BREAKING: Russian Forces Finally Break Through – City Shocked…

Russian forces have finally broken through the defenders attempting to hold the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, which is the second-largest city in Ukraine.

Regional Governor Oleh Sinegubov told the media that “The Russian enemy’s light vehicles have broken into Kharkiv, including the city center. Ukraine’s armed forces are destroying the enemy. We ask civilians not to go out.”

Kharkiv is far from lost and it is beginning to look like there will be a grueling urban fight, a situation that will favor the native defenders.

The success of the defenders of Kharkiv has been part of a surprising development that has emerged over the past few days.

In spite of Russia’s numerical advantage, Ukraine’s defenders are punching far above their weight. What was supposed to be a quick strike to decapitate the Ukrainian government has turned into a desperate slog.

Vladimir Putin reportedly expected to quickly overwhelm and crush Ukraine’s armed forces, but instead, they have been completely frustrated. Russia was relying on a quick victory, and they cannot afford a prolonged guerrilla war that would see them suffering massive casualties for little gain.

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