BREAKING: Russian Attack On US Rocks Nation – More Coming…

An alleged attack on the United States by Russia has rocked the nation. Millions of people are stunned and there could be more attacks on the way.

According to comments provided by retired Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove to the Washington Examiner, not only is the “problem” of Russia real, but they are “casting wide nets and trying to find leverage of all manners of ways.”

Breedlove said that the cyberattack may have been done for “fiscal gain, leverage that might result in kompromat.” In other words, the next step for Russia could be an attempt at political blackmail.

Clearly, while great strides have been made to advance our cybersecurity protocols, it is crucial that a robust assessment is made to determine what is working and what should be done to improve in this area.

Russia has a Deep State that dwarfs our own. Former President Ronald Reagan knew this to be true, and while Russia is no longer under communist rule, President Vladimir Putin is a former KGB agent and cannot be trusted.

As Breedlove put it, “If they can monitor the internal debate, then they know how to socially engineer follow-on messages.” What could happen next is anyone’s guess, but U.S. officials are sounding the alarm.

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