BREAKING: Russia Gets DEVASTATING News – It’s NOT Happening…

Russian forces have been bogged down in Ukraine and now are being forced to seek help from foreign fighters. However, United States Central Command Commander General Frank McKenzie revealed that Russia will continue to wait for support from abroad.

General McKenzie explained that there was “little evidence” of foreign fighters moving from Syria to Ukraine, which is great news for Ukrainian forces.

General McKenzie told reporters on Friday that “We see little evidence of recruiting in Syria to bring people back to Ukraine. Not saying it couldn’t happen, and I’m not saying that one or two, three or four haven’t gone. But we haven’t seen the large-scale effort to do that.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has allegedly been seeking assistance from experienced warfighters in friendly countries, most notably Syria.

Russia has spent the past decade supporting Syria as the country has been locked in a brutal civil war. The country is full of experienced fighters who would be well suited to fighting in Ukraine’s besieged cities.

For now, it appears that Putin’s efforts are failing, but with how quickly the situation can change, Americans should be vigilant. Ukraine is fighting for survival, and it is hard to say just how much longer they can hold out despite the incredible fight they have put up.

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