BREAKING: Russia Bombshell Rocks Biden White House [Details Here]

A Rassmussen poll showed that almost two-thirds think President Joe Biden has handled Russian aggression toward Ukraine badly, with 15% rating him “fair” and 49% “poor.”

Only 31% rated Biden positively, with 16% saying “excellent” and 15% “good.”

These results are nothing short of embarrassing, since the American public usually rallies around their leaders when a crisis happens, especially at the beginning.

It just doesn’t look good when one day Vice President Kamala Harris says that sanctions will work and the next day once Russia has invaded, Biden laughs at the idea that sanctions would work. Assuring us that Biden was in contact with Putin and had everything handled is not smart politics when it all falls apart overnight.

Now Biden gets to lie in the bed he made, which started with the botched Afghanistan withdrawal and will continue with the Russian invasion.

Read the full story here.

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