BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Stuns Fans – Host Confirms Worst Fears

Radio host Rush Limbaugh said Wednesday that Sen. Sidney Blumenthal (D-CT) should be in some kind of ethics trouble for encouraging big tech to censor Breitbart News even more than they already have.

“It’s one more thing to block the New York Post for six weeks, but that’s nothing. You guys gotta shut down Breitbart!” Limbaugh characterized Blumenthal as saying.

“A United States senator!” Limbaugh explained. “They swear an oath to the Constitution of United States. United States senators are asking these two guys to further censor Breitbart News. Breitbart didn’t do anything to anybody. They’re as legitimate journalists as anybody else out there.”

Limbaugh said the internet made it so “anybody could be a web journalist in America,” and it is driving the left crazy.

“[Blumenthal’] is violating his constitutional oath by asking them to do this,” Limbaugh declared.

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