BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Shut Down Alert – Fans Stunned

Conservative superstar and radio icon Rush Limbaugh just announced a ‘shut down’ alert. Millions of fans across the nation are stunned and wondering what will happen next. This is unbelievable.

“The American left and the Democrat Party is going to do its best to keep this economy shut down, to extend and expand that shutdown — and blow up their own country’s jobs — just to ensure that Trump loses,” said Limbaugh.

His hypothesis makes sense. Instead of working with President Trump and Republicans to reopen the economy in a safe, rational manner, Democrats at the state and federal level will simply stall progress as much as possible.

Then, they will blame the economic damage and job losses on Trump. But that is only if Americans let them pull off this dastardly political stunt. And, as we’ve seen in blue states like Michigan, people are getting fed up.

In the meantime, however, red states have started the process of reopening themselves. “The red states are gonna get the economy kickstarted,” said Limbaugh. He is convinced that anti-Trump governors will try to use this as well.

“The economic activity that will happen from the red states going back to work, the blue state governors are gonna try to cancel it out by keeping their people at home,” said Limbaugh. Americans need to let their voices be heard.

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