BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Makes It Official – Conservatives Stunned

The radio legend Rush Limbaugh dropped a bombshell on America this week.

Commenting on the censorship of conservatives by big tech, Limbaugh explained how some in Congress are actually violating their responsibility to obey the Constitution.

Specifically Limbaugh put Senator Richard Blumenthal on blast for his comments about Breitbart News.

“Senators swear an oath to the Constitution of United States,” said Limbaugh. “United States senators are asking these two guys to further censor Breitbart News. Breitbart didn’t do anything to anybody. They’re as legitimate journalists as anybody else out there.”

But Limbaugh didn’t stop there.

Now you’ve got a United States senator at Senate hearings asking the people that run Twitter and Facebook why they are unfairly censoring this news organization or that person on a random basis, and they’re not getting honest answers.

Then you have United States senator from Connecticut who tells them they’re not censoring enough. A United States senator. He doesn’t care. The only thing that matters to him is Breitbart is right wing and so they should be made to go out of business. A United States senator, folks. He is violating his constitutional oath by asking them to do this. Right here it is. “Blumenthal Complains Facebook Not Censoring Breitbart News Enough.”

To read more about Limbaugh’s comments about censorship, click here.

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