BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh JAIL Announcement – WOW

Rush Limbaugh made a shock announcement Sunday, calling for the arrest of former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Limbaugh denounced McCabe and his colleagues and declared that they were planning a “silent coup.”

Limbaugh was responding to McCabe’s disclosure of the plan to use the 25th amendment to oust President Trump. Limbaugh pointed out that the Justice Department officials involved are “unelected” and that “they took it upon themselves to overthrow the election results of 2016.”

Limbaugh went on to say that the Mueller investigation is a coverup for the sinister plot. He stated that the Justice Department officials “ought to be the ones in jail. They ought to be the ones under investigation.”

According to the Senate Intelligence Committee’s bipartisan report, no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia was found. The liberal media is refusing to pick up the story. If the Trump-Russia collusion narrative is destroyed, the attention could turn to the real collusion against President Trump.

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