BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Gets Tragic News – Brutal Attack…

Legendary radio host Rush Limbaugh just received tragic news. A brutal attack has occurred and millions of people are stunned. This can’t be happening.

Appearing on “The Breakfast Club” radio show this week, former President Barack Obama, condescending as usual, alleged that “Fox News and Rush Limbaugh” have spread the narrative that Democrats “are trying to take your stuff and trying to take your guns away.”

Obama, of course, is implying that these claims about the Democratic Party are false — that Fox News and Limbaugh are somehow just pushing propaganda. However, the concern is entirely valid.

Obama spent eight years threatening to gut the Second Amendment, for example. He wasn’t able to fulfill his plan due to united Republican opposition in Congress, however, he certainly wanted to disarm Americans.

Now, Joe Biden is proposing major regulations and taxes on particular firearms — so-called “assault weapons” — in order to dissuade gun ownership entirely. He wants to make it financially impossible.

Biden is also threatening to repeal the historic tax cuts passed by Republicans and signed into law by President Donald Trump. Obama can mock conservatives all he wants, but the truth is not on his side.

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