BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh CAREER Bombshell – It’s Official [JUST IN]

A career bombshell about conservative superstar Rush Limbaugh was just announced. It has been made official and the news is spreading nationwide.

Contrary to the wishful thinking of anti-Trump liberals, Limbaugh’s longstanding radio program is alive and well — and it was renewed with a “long-term agreement,” according to reports.

Apparently, Limbaugh’s millions actual fans have determined his show’s future — not the left-wing radicals who have tried to bully his advertisers into dropping him.

President Trump is happy about the news, too. In fact, it appears that he revealed the information ahead of the official announcement after having lunch with Limbaugh.

“Rush just signed another four-year contract,” said Trump while launching the Evangelicals for Trump coalition. “He just wants four more years.”

This means liberals will be pulling their hair out for at least two reasons: Trump winning another four-year term, and Limbaugh being around to support him the entire time.

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