BREAKING: Rush Limbaugh Breaks The News… Fans Devastated

Talk show host Rush Limbaugh recently called out Democrats for their real motives on impeachment.

Limbaugh appeared on “Fox & Friends” and went straight for the throat. “We are watching pure, raw hatred. They hate the man and they hate the people who elected him.”

Democrats declared war on President Trump before his election back in 2016. Once he was elected, they vowed resistance and began plans to remove him from the presidency by any means necessary.

For any of Limbaugh’s fans on the political fence, its time to choose. The Democrats hate Trump and they hate the people who allowed Trump into the White House.

Democrats are hellbent on impeachment in spite of the fact that they have no case against Trump. It never was about the truth.

It is all about revenge for Trump’s audacity in fighting back. The Democrat party is obsessed with power and has demonstrated they will do anything to destroy those who oppose them.

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