BREAKING: Roger Stone Announcement – Deserves New Trial


Fox News contributor and former judge Andrew Napolitano said Tuesday that he thought almost any judge would grant a new trial to Trump associate Roger Stone after evidence surfaced that suggested jury foreperson Tamika Hart had “inherent bias” against Trump supporters.

Stone’s lawyers requested a new trial after the tweets and posts came to light. Napolitano was not sure that the judge in the case, Amy Berman Jackson, would grant a new trial, however.

It was discovered last week after Attorney General William Barr said the DOJ would lower the sentence recommendation by prosecutors on the case that Hart had tweeted anti-Trump sentiments repeatedly and had even tweeted against his supporters.

Napolitano said Jackson should interrogate the four prosecutors who worked on the case, who have all withdrawn, and Hart to find out whether the prosecutors knew anything about Hart’s bias at the time of the trial.

Maybe Jackson has some bias of her own. She was also involved in the Michael Flynn case, which is also being investigated.

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