BREAKING: Roe REVERSAL – Stunning Change Shocks Nation

The news is spreading across the country about a massive ‘Roe’ reversal. This stunning change has completely shocked the entire nation and the controversy has only just begun. People are shocked.

Pro-abortion activists are preparing to release a documentary on the cable TV channel, FX, in which ‘Jane Roe’ of Roe v Wade fame allegedly claims she only became pro-life for the money — that her conversion wasn’t genuine.

Norma McCorvey (a.k.a Jane Roe) is reportedly asked about whether evangelicals used her “as a trophy,” to which she replied, “Of course.” She also said, “I took their money and they took me out in front of the cameras.”

She called this her “deathbed confession,” that she was “a good actress,” but let’s keep this in mind: The public hasn’t seen this documentary yet and liberals have been known to deceptively edit (looking at you, Michael Moore).

But then there’s Father Frank Pavone, someone who knew McCorvey very well, who disputes the account. “So #abortion supporters are claiming Norma McCorvey … wasn’t sincere in her conversion,” he tweeted.

“I was her spiritual guide for 22 years, received her into the #Catholic Church, kept regular contact, spoke w her the day she died, & conducted her funeral,” he continued.

Read the full story here.

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