BREAKING: Reversal Stuns Nation – GREAT News For GOP

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Representative-elect Blake Moore (R-UT) was upbeat about the future of the GOP even without President Donald Trump.

Moore is not an anti-Trumper and was endorsed by Trump in his House race, but he is refusing to give in to doom-and-gloom about the party’s future.

“We’re already seeing our freshman class being just bursting at the seams with females, minorities and veterans,” Moore said of a group of electees that cut the Democrats’ lead in the House to about 12 seats.

“It’s exciting to kind of be a part of that and making sure that what I believe, you know, that conservative principles are big tent ideas, that a strong economy leads to progress for everyone,” Moore said. “That’s what I envision for the Republican party going forward. I think we’ve already started to see some of that momentum.”

“No one person makes up a party,” Moore said. Instead, he thinks the GOP should be inclusive and “focused heavily” on “what I believe conservative principles do for our country.”

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