BREAKING: Reversal Stuns Biden Voters – Nation Shocked

President Joe Biden is fighting back against reports of inflation claiming the rising numbers are not his fault.

However, the voters are not buying his narrative.

According to Washington Examiner, voters “know exactly whom to blame” for the current upward trend in inflation.

“Everything just costs more, and no one’s really making more other than if you get government money, which I did get some,” said a 52-year-old John Novak. “I’d rather have prices lower.”

Per the Washington Examiner:

According to an AP poll conducted last week, 54% of voters say the economy is in poor shape. In a separate Morning Consult poll, 59% of voters said Biden’s policies were to blame for the 13-year high in inflation, and 54% expect inflation to get worse. [Emphasis added]

But Biden and the Democrats have responded with “Damn the inflation, full spending ahead!” observes the Washington Examiner.

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7 Responses

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  1. I am not sure who is “handling” Ole Joe, but I don’t think he has enough brain cells left to be responsible for anything. It’s his handlers who are calling the shots and destroying the country.

    1. In my opinion, Obama is calling the shots at this point in time. I sure wish a whistle blower would drop the hammer on these Idiot’s.

  2. how much longer is our country going to abide with the Biden administration? I believe the American people have just about had it with all the bad decisions being made by Biden, et al.

  3. This country is going to ruins as long as the Biden administration holds its power !!! When are real Americans going to put a stop to this wanton destruction of this country ??? It’s time real Americans get together, get the politicians out of office, and get this country back on the American standard – NOT THE LEFTISTS AGENDA !!!

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