BREAKING: Reversal INEVITABLE – Last Minute Rule Change

Members of the Democrat National Committee have begun discussing a possible change to the rules of primary voting that could prevent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) from getting the nomination fairly.

Officials are reportedly discussing a “policy reversal to ensure that so-called superdelegates can vote on the first ballot at the party’s national convention,” according to reports.

The rule change is not a definite thing and is only in the discussion stages right now.

Left-wing journalist Ben Norton wrote about the potential change, “After rigging the primary in 2016 and stealing numerous states from Bernie Sanders, a small group of unelected corporate-funded DNC elites are plotting to steal the election from him again, reversing the policy to give unelected superdelegates more power.”

Sanders is an avowed socialist who has promised to enact single payer universal healthcare, free college tuition and student loan forgiveness by raising taxes, especially on the rich.

Read the full story here.

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