BREAKING: Retirement Announcement Shocks Biden Fans – He’s Doing It…

The inflation occuring during Joe Biden’s presidency is causing 25% of Americans to delay their retirement.

That’s right. Because of this bozo’s incompetence, 25% of Americans are going to be forced into going to make a bunch of money for somebody else eight hours a day.

That’s time that could be spent with friends and family doing the things that make them happiest.

Biden’s economy, however, has other ideas.

A BMO Real Financial Progress Index Survey revealed on May 31 that 36% of Americans have had to reduce the amount they are putting into savings because of Joe BIden’s economy.

Twenty-one percent of Americans have reduced their retirement savings.

Now, 25% of Americans are being forced to delay their retirement to have enough money to survive in Biden’s America.

Retirement savings isn’t the only area that Americans are feeling the squeeze:

According to Breitbart:

– 42% are changing how they shop for groceries. This includes opting for cheaper items, avoiding brand names and buying only the essentials.
– 46% are either dining out less or consciously spending less when dining out.
– 31% are driving less to offset the soaring cost of gas.
– 23% are spending less on vacations or canceling them altogether.
– 22% are taking measures such as canceling subscriptions to the gym, cable, etc.

On average, Biden’s inflation is costing the average American household $433 per month.

That’s $5,200 per year.

That a lot of money.

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