BREAKING: Resignation Stuns Nation – It’s Done

His resignation has completely stunned the nation. It is done — no one expected this move less than 50 days before the November election. Now, the political dynamic has changed completely.

“U.S. Ambassador to China Terry Branstad will be back home in Iowa for good next month — and he’s expected to use his arrival on American soil to help President Trump win 2020,” reported Fox News this week.

Branstad’s son, Eric, is already working on the Trump campaign in Iowa, and the ambassador is eager to join him. “Eric’s father is coming home from China because he wants to campaign,” announced Trump in a call with Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA).

Ambassador Branstad joining Trump on the campaign trail will assuredly highlight the Trump administration’s work to hold the Chinese government accountable for numerous indiscretions, including its economic manipulation and war games.

There is also the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, which the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has conveniently covered up — specifically the exact origins of the virus and the refusal to notify leaders of other countries in a timely manner.

And if that wasn’t enough, China has cracked down on legally guaranteed freedoms in Hong Kong and is allegedly committing demographic genocide of a minority group. Branstad will make sure Americans know that Biden would only roll over for China.

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