BREAKING: Resignation Shocks White House – She’s Gone

An abrupt and unexpected resignation has completely shocked the White House, particularly the circumstances surrounding it. She is gone forever. This is a stunning development.

It all started when Jaqueline Fischer, a longtime member of the Washington County School Board in Maryland, took to social media and expressed her wish that President Donald Trump would die.

“Since he has tested positive for COVID19, maybe the country will get lucky and he will die,” she wrote. “Wouldn’t that be an act of karma!” Fischer reiterated, “I hope he dies from it.”

It wasn’t long before the ensuing controversy forced her to resign her position — one she has held since 2002. The Washington County Board of Education (WCBOE) accepted her resignation at a board meeting.

In a press release, the WCBOE noted that Fischer made “comments regarding the President of the United States” and they “do not reflect the views, positions, or opinions of the WCPS or the WCBOE.”

After the blowback, Fischer reportedly tried to amend her statement. “Fischer said she made the posts out of frustration and she should have instead said she hopes Trump would lose in the election,” reported the Herald-Mail.

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