BREAKING: Resignation Shocks D.C. – Dems Caught By Surprise

A major resignation just shocked Washington, DC. Democrats have been caught completely by surprise — they never expected this to happen. There is nothing they can do to reverse it.

Shortly before the House’s impeachment vote, Rep. Jeff Van Drew of New Jersey, who was elected as a Democrat, announced he would vote against the blatantly partisan effort and likely switch parties.

Furthermore, he revealed that in order to protect their future in Democrat circles, his entire staff resigned from their jobs. “They were told to,” said Van Drew. “It would be very hard for them to work.”

Sure enough, Van Drew voted against impeachment and then appeared at a press conference with President Trump. “Jeff will be joining the Republican Party,” said Trump to reporters.

Van Drew explained: “I believe that this is just a better fit for me. This is who I am.” It is worth noting that Trump won what is now his House district by nearly five points in 2016 — something he has surely taken into account.

Presidential election years have high voter turnout. So, even though Van Drew was swept into victory as a Democrat last year, he can see the political writing on the wall. The good news is that he appears sincere.

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