BREAKING: RESIGNATION NOTICE – Congress Stunned – Trump Did It

President Trump is standing strong on the Gallagher case in the face of threatened resignations from Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer.

A military jury in July convicted Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher of illegally posing for pictures with the corpse of an Islamic State fighter while Gallagher was deployed to Iraq in 2017.

The case had long been mired in controversy after it was discovered the Navy prosecutors had mishandled the prosecution.

President Trump stepped in, pardoning Gallagher for his actions and declaring that he should remain a SEAL.

Now Gallagher is facing a review board of peers to determine if he needs to be removed from the Navy’s elite warfighter squadrons.

Despite threats from the Secretary of the Navy to resign, Trump still has Gallagher’s back sending the message that no soldier will be thrown under the bus.

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