BREAKING: Resignation Is OFFICIAL – Republicans Stunned

The news just dropped about a high-ranking official resigning and the Republican Party is completely stunned. Millions of people never expected this move, but it actually may work out for the better.

“I have learned that the firm has promoted support for the Black Lives Matter movement, a Marxist organization that seeks to destroy the America that I know and long to support,” wrote U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty (R-TN), resigning from a major brokerage firm.

Until recently, Hagerty, who is running for Senate in Tennessee, served on the board of R.J. O’Brien — until he discovered that the company, which specializes in commercial agriculture trading, was allegedly showing support for BLM.

Hagerty said that while he has been “humbled to work with the R.J. O’Brien family and to be part of this more than century old company that has been a foundational pillar of the agricultural industry,” he can no longer do so in good conscience.

The U.S. Senate candidate, who has been endorsed by President Donald Trump, gave examples of BLM’s activity that he simply could not endorse by his affiliation with R.J. O’Brien. Hopefully, his explanation at least made the firm think twice.

As Hagerty noted, “the BLM movement seeks to destroy the nuclear family, calls for violence, promotes anti-Semitism, tears down monuments, and seeks to completely defund and dismantle our police departments.”

Read the full story here.

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