BREAKING: Resignation Bombshell Stuns Voters [Developing]

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said he’s not going anywhere Saturday after his party lost a parliamentary majority in a major election.

Some leaders would have resigned after the major defeat, but Johnson said it’s the usual midterm reactionary voting and that he wanted to get on with reforms and doing what the people elected him to do.

Much like Donald Trump, Johnson forged a connection with both conservatives and working-class citizens, but voters may have grown tired of a growing list of accusations against him, and many leaders who were in power during  the first two years of COVID-19 are being regarded with fatigue now .

He is also bearing the blame for skyrocketing inflation, with May’s numbers being even worse than the U.S.’s.

There have also been ethics violations against him. The way British politics works, if his party doesn’t get rid of him and get a new leader, it risks losing even more support.

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