BREAKING: Resignation Bombshell Shocks Nation – He’s Stepping Down

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab announced on Monday during a press conference that he had sent his resignation to President Michel Aoun after only seven months in charge.

“We need to be part of the people. That’s why I declare today the resignation of this government,” Diab said. “God bless Lebanon. God bless Lebanon.”

When a new Prime Minister is selected, he or she will form a new cabinet. Finance Minister Ghazi Wazni and Justice Minister Marie-Claude Najm also resigned over the weekend.

Diab blamed previous leadership for failing to safely store the thousands of tons of ammonium nitrate that exploded in Beirut last week, killing 200 people, wounding more than 6,000, and leveling hundreds of homes in the city.

Thousands protested the government in Lebanon and its failures over the weekend, including a stagnant economy that existed even before the coronavirus outbreak.

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