BREAKING: Resignation Announcement STUNS World – He Isn’t Going To…

A resignation announcement just stunned the entire world. He isn’t going to last much longer if something doesn’t change — and people couldn’t be more surprised by how far he has fallen.

“Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s announcement that England will be placed under a second national lockdown was met with fury and derision in some quarters, with some going so far to call for his resignation,” reported Breitbart News.

In an unlikely move, Johnson has given in to the ‘experts’ as COVID-19 cases have spiked. While some see this as a wise decision, others have sharply criticized the Prime Minister for lacking a balanced perspective.

“On November 5th Boris is blowing up our economy, our liberty and his own legacy,” said Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage. “His Lockdown 2 is an unnecessary disaster,” said London Assembly Member David Kurten.

Former Tory leader Sir Iain Duncan Smith, a member of Johnson’s own political member, said, “Just as the economy was picking up, even giving cause for optimism” we are “marching England back into another lockdown.”

Johnson, who is usually a level-headed leader, should think twice immediately. This isn’t the direction to go — reasonable safety measures can be put in place while also keeping England’s economy open. He should reject a false choice.

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