BREAKING: Resignation Announcement Stuns White House – GOP Moves Fast…

House GOP members are calling on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to resign for a “failure to execute the primary mission of the Department of Homeland Security.”

“Dozens of House Republicans are citing a “complete failure” to lead the department – pointing to recent tensions with Border Patrol and the relentless crisis at the southern border,” reports Fox News.

“In light of recent reports displaying your failure to execute the primary mission of the Department of Homeland Security to secure our nation from its many threats through your inability and refusal to enforce the immigration laws, we call on you to resign as Secretary of Homeland Security,” the letter reads.

The letter was issued by 45 house republicans and was led by Republican Representative Kevin Hern of Oklahoma.

“The Republican lawmakers accuse Mayorkas of having ‘admitted to making Border Patrol agents’ jobs more difficult, yet do nothing to ameliorate that problem,'” reports Fox News.

“Instead, you make it exponentially harder for agents to do their job by implementing Biden administration directives that go against their Congressionally-mandated responsibilities,” the letter adds.

See the letter and more about this story, click here.

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