BREAKING: Resignation Announcement Shocks Nation – Top Official Is…

Rumors of a resignation announcement have started to spread and the nation is shocked. A top official may be stepping down — especially if calls for him to be removed from office continue to grow.

“Italians have risen up en masse against Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, calling for his resignation on social media after he reneged on promises to relax lockdown restrictions on May 4,” reported Breitbart News.

Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Italian government has instituted some of the more extreme measures, including a lockdown in one’s residence unless limited exceptions are applicable.

Currently, Italians have to submit what are called “autocertificazione” papers in order to receive approval to leave home. There was hope, based upon Conte’s previous promise, that the papers would soon be unnecessary.

In fact, Italy is entering the second phase of its emergency plan, but it allegedly looks a lot like the first phase. “Did we really need a task force to establish that Phase 2 is practically the same as Phase 1?” said one Italian.

Others expressed frustration that Conte is acting like a dictator. “Now everything comes as a kind courtesy of Conte,” said another Italian. Angry citizens are using the #ConteDimettiti hashtag to demand his resignation.

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