BREAKING: Resignation Announcement Rocks Democrats…

Matt Mowers, a Republican candidate for Congress from New Hampshire, called again on Tuesday for National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to resign amid the allegations in a report from Special Counsel John Durham.

Mowers was on former President Donald Trump’s transition team and became a senior official in his administration for a time.

He called Sullivan “the chief architect of a plot that is finally unraveling to undermine a duly-elected American President is simply unfit to fulfill his solemn duty to protect the national security of this country.”

“Sullivan was knee-deep in the Clinton email scandal that jeopardized our national security, and now we know he was part of an illegal collusion scheme to undermine America’s elections,” Mowers added. “It is imperative for Sullivan to step aside so that our full attention can be given to protecting American citizens and interests abroad.”

I guess it’s a nice way to get attention if you’re a candidate, but Sullivan would be way too close to admitting guilt in the scheme if he stepped down. Because of this, it simply isn’t going to happen.

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