BREAKING: Republicans Are Bringing Him Back – Dems FURIOUS

Republicans are bringing him back and Democrats are absolutely furious. They never expected this to happen, but it is now official.

“GOP-led Missouri lawmakers approved legislation Thursday to honor late radio host and native son Rush Limbaugh, ensuring his January 12 birthday will now be remembered annually,” reported Breitbart News.

Now that the Missouri House has passed the legislation, the Senate must do the same — and it is also controlled by Republicans. Limbaugh’s legacy will be remembered for years to come.

Even though liberal Democrats tried their best to cancel the late radio host, they could never accomplish such a tall task. Limbaugh didn’t play by their rules and couldn’t be touched.

Millions of Americans listened to Limbaugh on a daily basis for his insightful and often humorous takes on U.S. politics. His decades-long impact was recognized by then-President Donald Trump last year.

Trump awarded Limbaugh the Presidential Medal of Freedom, much to the consternation of the DC swamp. Now, with his home state of Missouri poised to honor him annually, liberals will have to hear his name forever. He would like that very much.

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