BREAKING: Republican Drops BOMB – Nancy Pelosi Is Furious…

Republican Ted Budd is peeling the covers off of Nancy Pelosi’s $1.9 trillion “Relief Bill.”

According to Budd, Democrats are using the reconciliation procedure “to pass items in the coronavirus relief bill, for which no Republican in the House or Senate voted, that are unrelated to immediate coronavirus relief while avoiding the Senate’s 60-vote filibuster.”

Budd didn’t hold back:

They’re using this, and they’re going to stuff as many things in there because they realize that they’ve got the thinnest majority in the House that they’ve had since the 1930s and they’ve got a break-even Senate with the tiebreaker as the vice president. So they have to stuff as many things as they can into a bill like this because they know it won’t get over the 60-vote threshold. When you look at the coronavirus funding from last Congress, $4 trillion … it was very bipartisan, some of these things that I supported, real coronavirus relief. … In an ideal setting you don’t like that stuff, but for that COVID [coronavirus] crisis early on, we needed it. It was a great bill. We got together, Republicans and Democrats. This is completely partisan. Ninety-one percent of this bill is nothing to do with COVID relief.

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9 Responses

  1. The Demorates are deplorable and should be brought in and have their loyalty questioned. As Americans, are they loyal to USA. Or do
    they appear to want to tear down America—not build it up.

  2. absolutely, they are anti -American and un Godly without God man is nothing that is what the Democrats are trying to, shut God out of everything, they know with out God they can control you, they say we bow to Trump well they bow to Satan

  3. Didn’t we just go through this last year? Couldn’t they think of another way to swindle the American people?

  4. The democrats need to change the name of their party to the “LIARS & THIEVES PARTY” because this is all they know how to do. If there is a dollar left in the till they will figure a way to use it against us. They keep on stealing from the Social Security Fund and never repay it, they just leave an IOU. Trillions have been spent from this account for their special projects and that need to stop.

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