BREAKING: Republican Convention CENSORED – Trump Furious

The Republican National Convention (RNC) was just censored and President Donald Trump is furious. Now, more than ever, mainstream media bias is alive and well — and Americans won’t let the establishment get away with it.

“Amazon Prime Video did not offer a live stream of the Republican National Convention during primetime on Monday after it livestreamed all four nights of the Democratic National Convention last week,” reported Breitbart News.

After Amazon Prime subscribers tweeted at Amazon’s customer service account wondering about RNC coverage, the response was less than satisfactory. “The live-stream today was from 9 – 10:30 am EST,” tweeted Amazon.

This is a stunning admission of guilt. Amazon streamed all four nights of the DNC, yet only ran a morning slot on Monday for the RNC.  But this should come as no surprise: Amazon owns the Washington Post, after all. The game here is obvious.

The liberal media — along with several willing accomplices in corporate America — are engaging in a concerted effort to depress information contrary to the Democratic Party’s narrative. They are trying to bend the election towards Joe Biden.

American voters won’t buy their tactics, however. Election Day is coming in less than 70 days and it will be a referendum on the censorship, cover-ups, and lies coming that have spewed from the media elite and their allies in the DC Swamp. Trump will win in a landslide.

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