BREAKING: Reparations Resolution PASSES – America Prepares For…

A North Carolina town has passed what it is calling “reparations” for the black people who live there.

Asheville unanimously passed a resolution containing an apology to black residents along forming the Community Reparations Commission, which will make investments into certain areas of the town.

There will not be cash payments to individuals under the plan, which puts the term “reparations” into question.

The resolution goes on and on about “systemic” racism and discrimination and claims that the town and others have benefitted from the oppression of people of color.

Despite the country making great strides toward equality for all people since the 1960s, all the left can do is talk about black victimhood and how bad things still are, which doesn’t do anything but make people angry and keep them stuck firmly in the situation they are trying to overcome.

Read the full story here.

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