BREAKING: Reparations APPROVED – Nation Stunned

President and CEO of Christianity Today, Tim Dalrymple, wrote an op-ed for the magazine approving of and arguing for Christians to embrace reparations for African-Americans.

Dalrymple wrote, “The virus of racism infected our church, our Constitution and laws, our attitudes and ideologies. We have never fully defeated it.”

To address this alleged crime within the church, Dalrymple argued churches adopt a fund that would be dedicated to supporting African-American figures in the church.

He continued saying, “It will not be enough, but it will be something. What if there were Zacchaeus funds in every city and believers gave sacrificially, so our brothers and sisters could be restored and so our neighbors could see once again the Christlike love that overcame the world?”

The op-ed sparked fury in the Evangelical community which is staunchly conservative. The accusations the op-ed leveled at the whole church were simply unjustifiable to many.

Dalrymple’s ideas will likely not gain much traction, but his opinion shows that the Evangelical Christian community is far from a united block. His endorsement of what amount to reparations could permanently discredit him.

Read the full story here.

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