BREAKING: REMOVED In the Middle Of The Night – Trump Is FUMING

The New York Times spread a bizarre conspiracy theory about President Trump using a green screen to film a recent ad on the front page. Then without update or correction, the story was removed.

Author Maggie Haberman wrote, “In the video, Mr. Trump was shown on the South Lawn of the White House hundreds of feet away from the mansion, but it appeared to be a digital backdrop as leaves blowing in the wind behind him could be seen repeating on a loop. Judd Deere, a White House spokesman, insisted that “he was definitely outside.” Mr. Trump has not appeared before news cameras since his return from Walter Reed on Monday evening.”

Upon reviewing the video it is clear that Haberman suffers from some extreme form of Trump Derangement Syndrome and also doesn’t have the best eye for detecting green screens.

For the New York Times to publish and then pull this article without correction or update is bizarre and speaks volumes about their journalistic integrity.

The real takeaway from President Trump’s ad is that the President is in incredibly good health despite being diagnosed with coronavirus over a week ago.

Democrats are so desperate to distract from President Trump’s remarkable recovery and stamina that they are becoming the new QAnon and embracing any ridiculous conspiracy surrounding the President’s actions.

Read the full story here.

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