BREAKING: Removal Notice Shocks Democrat Governor – He’s Done

Rep.-Elect Darrell Issa (R-CA) warned California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) that he’d better take the state’s recall effort seriously or he might find himself out on his behind like his predecessor, Gray Davis (D), who was recalled in 2003.

“There’s huge building momentum, and you saw it with both in and out of state support for the recall,” Issa said on Fox News’ Fox&Friends on Saturday.

“I think the important thing is that somebody has to have a wake-up call for the governor, or we’re going to go exactly down the road I saw in 2003, where Gray Davis didn’t understand and the people demanded a change, and they got a pretty radical change with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and, for a time, we had — the lights came back on,” he continued.

“Power started working. The economy started working. I think if he doesn’t take this very, very seriously, a recall is inevitable,” Issa went on.

Wow, it would sure be a shame if California actually got out from under Newsom’s autocratic thumb and started functioning again, wouldn’t it?



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