BREAKING Relief Bill VETO Bombshell – Nation Stunned

A bombshell just dropped about vetoing the COVID-19 relief bill. Millions of people across the nation are stunned — it could actually be happening.

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) criticized the bill passed by Congress as one that “typifies the swamp.” He has encouraged President Donald Trump to employ what is known as a “pocket veto” to address the problem.

In the instance of a pocket veto, the president would sit on the bill and refuse to sign it — letting time run completely out for action to be taken. In this particular case, he would only have to wait until Congress adjourns again.

Biggs said that “this bill should be vetoed, and I’m hoping it will be.” And it is quite possible Trump will do so — especially if the wasteful, unrelated spending isn’t stripped from the bill, and if direct payments aren’t increased.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has a vote scheduled for Monday on a standalone bill to increase the direct payments to $2,000 a person or $4,000 per married couple, however, she is missing something.

She has not amended the original bill to strip the billions of dollars in foreign aid or any other item that has nothing to do with COVID-19 relief. But Trump is playing hardball here, and he just might win the game.

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