BREAKING: Rand Paul Murder Bombshell – Nation Stunned

Sen. Rand Paul’s wife Kelley said Friday night that she thought she and her husband were going to “lose our lives” to a mob that surrounded her and the senator along with two police officers who were trying to protect them, until reinforcement arrived.

“It was absolutely terrifying,” she said about the mob surrounding them and screaming that they were going to beat them or kill them. “We felt completely powerless.”

Kelley tried to make eye contact with the protesters so they might find some humanity, but concluded, “They did not see us as human beings. We were Trump supporters, so they absolutely despised us.”

She said she was furious that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris didn’t condemn the violence by the Trump speech protesters.

You tell me if you are surrounded by a mob that will not let you move, that is screaming in your face, that is holding you completely hostage, and you cannot walk to your hotel and you are on a dark street, you tell me that’s not violence,” she said about the incident. “You tell me that is not an attack.”

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