BREAKING: Rand Paul Goes NUCLEAR – GOP Shocked

Republican Senator Rand Paul just blasted Joe Biden’s proposed head of the Treasury Department. And in a more direct way, he blasted the previous one as well.

Responding to the concern that Biden’s nominee Janet Yellen is a Democrat and the problems that may bring, Paul with his tongue firmly in his cheek, replied that America has already been operating with a Democrat Secretary of the Treasury Department. His comments are clearly a dig to Steve Mnuchin, the current office holder.

“You know, we have had a Democrat at the helm at the Treasury for four years anyway,” said Paul to Fox News host Neil Cavuto. “So, I’m not sure that will make much difference. You know, if the standard is whether or not you spend money like a drunken sailor, we have been doing that anyway. So, I’m not sure that Yellen could be much worse.”

Paul clarified that Mnuchin’s propensity to give money away was un-Republican.

“I see him as trying to shovel money out the door and just give away free money to people,” he added. “And that’s not a conservative notion. That’s a Democrat notion. And I think he is a Democrat.”

To read more about Paul’s comments, click here.

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