BREAKING: Rand Paul Exposes Public School Scandal – Virus Is Not…

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) just exposed a public school scandal and millions of people are stunned. It is about the virus — he revealed the awful news.

Appearing on Fox News, Paul told host Jeanine Pirro that school shutdown policies — which lack scientific evidence to even be justified — have caused “immeasurable damage” to students.

“I’ve been saying to Dr. Fauci and the so-called government experts since May of last year that none of the studies indicate that the kids are good spreaders of this disease,” said Paul, questioning the shutdowns.

Tragically, he also mentioned that “there’s already talk of increased numbers of suicide, isolation,” pointing to a growing mental health crisis amongst students that teacher unions would just rather ignore.

“When is the union going to care about actually teaching our kids?” Paul asked. To further illustrate, he pointed another to an indisputable fact — that many students are falling behind by “nearly a year.”

By contrast, while public schools have forced students into home-based virtual options, private schools “haven’t missed a beat.” The evidence is clear: unions are playing politics with children and schools must reopen immediately.

Read the full story here.

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