BREAKING: Rand Paul Delivers Urgent Warning – America Stunned

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said Wednesday that President Joe Biden should give assurances to Republicans that he doesn’t plan to use his power to turn America into a socialist dystopia.

“I think most importantly, what we have to hear is that he’s not going to radically transform the country into some sort of socialist dystopia,” Paul said. “And that may sound like, you know, hyperbole, but many of the things they want to do would radically transform America to a different country, to a country different than what has provided great wealth and great humanitarian ease to millions and millions of Americans.”

Paul said that “blowing up the filibuster” in the Senate would be a signal that Biden does plan to radically transform America, and that Sen. Joe Manchin (D-OH) would be a key in whether that could happen.

“If they blow up the filibuster and do everything by simple majority, they could very quickly and radically change America, and I think, destroy a lot of the fabric of what our great wealth and great freedoms are based on,” Paul said.

While I have a small amount of hope that the filibuster will stand for now, I think all bets are off if Biden can’t hang on through his first term and radical Kamala Harris takes over.

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