BREAKING: Rachel Maddow Gets Bad News – Trump Is Laughing

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow just received some terrible news and President Donald Trump is laughing. She never expected to face such a massive scandal, but it struck hard. There is no turning back now.

In a bout of anti-Trump wishful thinking, Maddow recently predicted doom on the June jobs report. “Brace yourself,” she said. “It’s going to be absolutely terrible, but we should have those as of tomorrow morning.” To her shock and surprise, the exact opposite happened.

“Our Nation’s economy has broken another record as 4.8 million jobs were added in June, bringing the economic comeback to 7.5 million jobs added over the past two months,” noted a White House press release on July 2. Unsurprisingly, all we are getting it radio silence now from Maddow.

But that’s the thing with Maddow: She is more than just anti-Trump; she is anti-America. She frequently roots against the United States in order to serve a far-left Marxist agenda. It is why she will always be unemployable on cable news outside of MSNBC.

Back to the jobs report, however. “May and June rank as the two largest monthly jobs gains in history, with June’s numbers exceeding expectations once again,” continued the White House. “In June, nearly every major employment sector enjoyed a gain in jobs.”

Does this mean our economy is fully recovered? No, of course not. But the trend is moving in the right direction as states slowly reopen with the proper precautions. Now, as long as liberal governors don’t backtrack for political reasons, we can get all Americans back to work.

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