BREAKING: Putin Stuns World With New Plan – Entire World On Alert

Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a long speech on Monday in which he said that he will sign a decree to recognize two Russian separatist areas in Eastern Ukraine.

The Russian leader first said he would do so during phone calls earlier in the day with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron that were attempting to reduce tensions between Russia and Ukraine.

The areas trying to separate from Ukraine have been fighting there since 2014, and are near Crimea which was invaded by Russia the same year and is still present in the region illegally.

Putin said in part that Ukraine is not really a sovereign state. “Modern Ukraine was completely created by Russia – to be more exact by Bolshevik communist Russia,” he said.

He claimed that Ukraine was really a “colony” of the West, and that Ukraine was a threat to Russia because it has nuclear weapons.

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