BREAKING: Putin RESIGNATION Alert Shocks World – He Isn’t…

Rumors are swirling that Russian President Vladimir Putin is set to resign from office. The Kremlin’s top spokesman denied those rumors on Friday.

Anonymous sources in Russia claimed that President Putin is battling a chronic illness, rumored to be Parkinson’s disease, that will force Putin to step down in the near future.

Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov responded saying, “There isn’t much to comment on here. This is pure nonsense. The president is well.”

Despite this refutation from the Kremlin, there are plenty of reasons to speculate about the future of Putin. Thanks to a recent constitutional amendment, he could stay in power until 2036.

Currently, the Russian Duma is debating legislation that would prevent the prosecution of former presidents for crimes with the exception of treason or severe felonies.

If this legislation passes, Putin would be free to step down from office free from the worry of prosecution for any crimes he may have committed. .

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