BREAKING: Putin In Wild Panic After Russian Revolt – He’s DOOMED…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson claimed that Russian President Vladimir Putin was in a “total panic” over a possible political revolt, despite Putin’s apparent support in Russia.

Putin recently held a massive rally celebrating the eight-year anniversary of the annexation of Crimea, which was attended by hundreds of thousands of very enthusiastic supporters.

Prime Minister Johnson’s claims that Putin is facing a possible revolt seem dubious in light of the massive rally held to celebrate a significant Russian victory.

Prime Minister Johnson claimed in a speech on Saturday that “He has been in a total panic about a so-called colour revolution in Moscow itself and that is why he is trying so brutally to snuff out the flame of freedom in Ukraine and that’s why it is so vital that he fails.”

It’s worth asking if Putin was really in danger of facing a political revolt, wouldn’t he be negotiating a peace deal to end the war? It is possible that Johnson’s claims are nothing more than bluster meant to distract from his own massive failings.

Johnson recently visited Saudi Arabia and begged the oil-producing juggernaut to raise production levels, and so far, it seems his mission failed. Britain is grappling with rising energy prices, and Prime minister Johnson doesn’t have an answer outside of fixating on the world’s favorite bogeyman, Vladimir Putin.

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