BREAKING: Putin Does The UNTHINKABLE In Ukraine – God Help Us…

Russian forces besieging Ukraine have claimed that they destroyed Ukrainian military facilities using new hypersonic and cruise missiles.

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov confirmed on Sunday that the Kinzhal hypersonic missile was used to hit vital Ukrainian assets.

The Kinzhal hypersonic missile has a range of 1,250 miles and an unrivaled speed of ten times the speed of sound. This new weapon has no reliable countermeasure, and the success Russia has seen so far in using the hypersonic missile should terrify the whole world.

Russia has effectively won the race to successfully field hypersonic missiles and this could give them a major advantage that even the U.S. Military couldn’t deal with.

Ukrainian forces are not safe no matter where they are in Ukraine and Russia can strike strategic assets at will.

The deployment of hypersonic missiles in Ukraine signals that the end is near for Ukraine’s heroic defenders. For the rest of the world, Russia’s military success should raise major concerns.

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