BREAKING: Putin Death Scandal Leaks To World [Developing]

Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has caused untold death and a large part of that will come home to haunt him if recent reports from Ukraine are to be believed.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense announced that roughly 30,000 Russian troops had lost their lives thanks to Putin’s war.

In a post on Twitter, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said, “30,000. Does this huge number make us happy? No. This should not have happened. But as long as even one enemy soldier remains on our land, we will continue to be unhappy, regardless of how many zeros are added to this horrible statistic.”

British and American intelligence estimates assert that Russia has lost a quarter to a third of its ground forces that were initially committed to the invasion of Ukraine.

Those losses are absolutely massive and could have a huge impact on morale at home regardless of the outcome of the war.

Of course, these numbers are all based on reports that are designed to maximize pro-Ukraine sentiment in the West. As such, these numbers need to be taken with a significant amount of salt.

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