BREAKING: Putin Confirms Fears – Joe Biden Stunned

Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened during a televised security conference meeting Thursday to “knock the teeth out” of everyone who tries to take a “bite” out of his country and its territory.

“Everyone wants to bite us somewhere or to bite off something from us. But they — those who are going to do it — should know that we will knock their teeth out so that they cannot bite. This is quite obvious, and the key to this is the development of our armed forces,” Putin said.

Putin mentioned “Western sanctions against Russia” as a threat and said they were intended to “contain a powerful rival.”

The U.S. is one of the countries that have put sanctions on Russia because of its annexation of Crimea and human rights abuses against its own people.

Putin has been making moves in the Arctic because of ice melting there, and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke about the area’s strategic potential at a meeting on the same day.

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  5. Our enemies see our weakness (our current administration) and they are ready to pounce. When Trump was in they were much more cautious because they knew Trump was a strong leader and one that put his country first.

  6. Joe has caused such turmoil not just in our country but the whole world!! He needs to be removed from office along with do nothing Harris & Nasty Nancy & the rest of their idiots!!

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