BREAKING: Prosecution Notice STUNS White House – Trump Is…

A prosecution notice just stunned the White House. Democrats are after President Donald Trump again, but he is holding firm — even though liberals keep stepping over the line. And they’ve gone too far once again.

Representative Tavia Galonski, a Democrat from Ohio, has pledged to refer Trump to the International Criminal Court (ICC) “for crimes against humanity tomorrow.” She tweeted her announcement on April 5.

As can be expected, Galonski’s reasoning for taking such drastic action is a laughable one: She is apparently livid that Trump suggested hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID-19 patients.

Trump didn’t tell people to take it; he certainly couldn’t prescribe to anyone. He merely mentioned that some preliminary results are promising — yet this is what has Galonski prepping a prosecution referral.

As Fox News noted, however, the United States isn’t a member of the ICC. “Only member states or non-members who accept the ICC’s jurisdiction can make referrals,” said the network’s report.

But Galonski is certainly free to try — she just won’t get anywhere with it, not even with a bunch of anti-Trump lawyers at her side. A Twitter user by the name of Rita Panahi probably said it best, “Never drink & tweet.”

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