BREAKING: Prosecution Announces Stunning Decision – America In Disbelief

The parents of a Michigan 15-year-old who killed four people and wounded three more during a Tuesday school shooting were charged with involuntary manslaughter on Friday after it was revealed that their actions likely contributed to the shooting.

James Crumbley bought a gun on Black Friday that son Ethan posted on social media was for him, and his mom Jennifer Crumbley took him shooting with the gun the next day.

Ethan was also caught looking up ammunition on his phone, but when the school called his parents, Jennifer said he just needed to “learn not to get caught.”

The parents also resisted having their child removed from the school after a violent drawing he made of a shooting was discovered by a teacher the day before the shooting.

Neither the school nor the parents suggested searching Ethan’s bag, even though it was on the premises and had the gun in it. The shooting happened later on the same day that his parents met with administrators.

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  4. How is this different from Ole Sippy Cup authorizing the ignominious pullout from Afghanistan that left Americans dead and stranded behind enemy lines. He is just as culpable as the Crumbleys. Yet, he hasn’t been arrested. And, IMHO, those who voted for him, lied for him, covered for him, cheated for him, are just as culpable for all of his crimes against humanity since he’s been in the WH! We live in a nation filled with hypocrites.

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