BREAKING: Prince Harry and Meghan Get Terrible News – Family Stunned

A poll taken after Prince Harry and wife Meghan Markle did an interview with Oprah Winfrey about why they left England and distanced themselves from the British Royal family shows that their approval rating has fallen to new lows.

Harry’s approval rating fell below 50% for the first time ever, and only about three in 10 had a positive view of Markle, with 58% having a poor opinion of her.

During the interview, Markle accused the family of racism for asking about her son Archie’s skin color and refusing to give him a royal title. She also said she was suicidal while living with the family.

Public opinion about her comments was generally negative, with most seeing her as making herself a victim and exaggerating the difficulties of royal life.

The favorability of the royal family did not change in the poll.

Read the full story here.

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21 Responses

  1. Both deserve what they got. Even without the polls I think there would be mostly negative comments all around.

    1. They only did it for money and publicity. I’ve never been a fan of hers, I think she is another photo op idiot. They have millions and lots of homes. What more can anyone ask for. I would not even consider voting for her for anything.

    2. For sure they live here now so get a job you nitwits. She is a skut social climber. He isn’t very smart. Poor archie.

    3. Mega seems to not get along with anybody including her own family. What makes people think she will ever change. She’s a B actress and she does all this to not get publicity come on. She thinks she’s royal and the only royal she is is a royal pain in the butt. Harry deserves what he gets .

  2. Just two spoiled brats who think they should be felt sorry. She wanted her son to have a titled that he’s not entitled to. Don’t feel sorry for either one of these so-called Royals. Just another sub-par interview by Oprah.


  4. Again, WHO CARES??? As for Oprah, WHO CARES??! She’s no better than the rest of the poor boobs who think it’s great showmanship to get the rowdies of the world fighting each other to make themselves look good. Since when does showing the pathetic whiners of the world, especially those who really have nothing to whine about, sobbing over their !loss Yeah, poor little royals who threw away titles to show how tough they were! HOW’S THAT WORKING, except for the people who have nothing better to do in life than watch Oprah get richer by their adoration!!!

  5. Meghan seems to crave extreme attention. But doing an interview and making up stories is not the way to get it in my opinion. Example: She says she never ever googled Harry before she met him. Do you all remember the picture of her as a young girl taking a picture of her and a friend outside the palace gates, and her dreaming of being a Princess? Give me a break, she never looked Harry up before meeting him. I’m sure she was instrumental in the introduction by a mutual friend. And, as far as I’m concerned, if they did in fact get married three days prior to the actual wedding, than they lied to the entire world. And it further displays how phony she is, as I recall watching her give all those emotional looks as they said the “I do’s” in front of the world. Yup, just not buying it. Poor thing, living as a Princess and having people wait on you hand and foot. Yes, you had to look presentable, and make a few required engagements. But you were just so abused because you were also expected to keep your mouth shut where it doesn’t belong anyway, while you abused numerous members of the staff, to the point, they resigned. Just another “look at me, I’m a victim”, while living like a queen.

  6. I think these two dumbos should stop this crapp about racial discrimination. If that’s how they feel why don’t they discriminate about the money that they brought from the Royals. Give all of it back and earn your own. I don’t think anyone cares about your statements.

  7. So thankful that the public is not as crazy as I would have guessed. They exchanged their royalty for reality and now have succumbed to the media’s promoting begging, bumming, and wailing in America. Adults should be wiser!

  8. I thought I read somewhere in all the thing’s written about them, that the ‘suicidal’ thing happened was BEFORE the marriage at some point in her life!!! Anyway, she’s an Actress(a bad one)and she is hoping for a MOVIE!!!! I thought I would die when I heard her say one time, “When I did ‘Deal or no Deal’ I was #28 and no one ever picked me~AND I stood there in those CHEAP STILETTO’S and my feet and legs just killed me!!!!!” Meghan is a whiner and a BAD ACTRESS!!!!! Harry, you’ve been………………I don’t have a word, but yes, you have!!!!!!

  9. Harry should have listened to his grandfather “One steps out with actresses, but one does not marry them.” She is nothing but an attention [email protected]%e! I felt bad for the Royal Family when I heard they got engaged. She wanted them to change almost 1000 years of royal tradition for her, but it doesn’t work like that. Her son was not eligible for a title, but Meghan wanted a title for the little boy, so if he didn’t get one, she would call everyone a racist! Give me a break! I side with the Royal Family on this one!

  10. With her mental health problems she admitted who would vote her for President if a few photographers upset her and the duties of the Royal Family are too much. I bet the Queen wishes she had never approved that marriage. Can you imagine her trying to keep up with President Trump? He runs circles around most all the previous presidents.

    Biden can’t, he runs and hides in his basement for 5 out of 7 day each week. What consortium is actually running the Country? Do we have Obmmer, Pelosi, Hillary, Bill and the Vatican. Who else is in the mix? How long are they going to play charades? When a World Leader needs to speak with the President who actually takes the call?

  11. Prince Harry is very immature unfortunately. This is why Markle got him. She is a manipulator and a liar, therefore the prince turned into a toad. They will get divorced for sure, so there is no telling how this Cinderella story will end, since the prince has already turned into a toad!

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